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Our Philosophy: Products

Bowerbird & Co. is committed to protecting all avian species through the use of ecologically and environmentally safe ingredients.
All of our products are handmade from quality, all natural, biodegradable ingredients that are chosen from a collection of 100% pure, organic, wildcrafted, & wildharvested sources.
We do not use artificial preservatives or chemical hardeners and we never add harmful foaming agents or synthetic detergents to our recipes.
We do not use palm oil or palm kernel oil in any of our products. Both of these oils are key drivers of rainforest destruction on a global scale. Countries with untouched land preserves such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Sumatra, Papua New Guinea, and Borneo are severely threatened due to massive palm oil & palm kernel oil agricultural tracts. Check out our OILS section in our Did You Know? webpage to get more information on the devastating effects of the international palm oil trade.
All of our unique bath & body products are handmade in the U.S.A. at our workshop located within the Rogue River Valley in Southern Oregon.
We promote Fair Trade Businesses whenever possible and buy from local farmers and Oregon-based suppliers on a regular basis.
The vegetable oils used in our recipes have been extracted through either expeller pressed or cold processed methods. Solvents and hexane are not present in our products. We do not accept oils processed through alcohol or heat intensive hydraulic extraction.
Since we let our organic herbs and pure essential oils do the coloring naturally, no artificial dyes are added to any of our handmade products. As a result, from time to time these natural ingredients may cause distinct color variations in our collection.
We only use 100% pure essential oils to scent our products. Essential oils are inherently biodegradable and all natural. Synthetic fragrances produced in a chemical laboratory are never used in our recipes. You can reference our Did You Know? webpage to read more about the important differences between pure essential oils and harmful fragrance oils.
All of our bath & body products are HYPOALLERGENIC. However, should allergic reaction develop, please discontinue use immediately.
Our botanical & herb suppliers have assured us that there are no pesticide residues present in the organic and wild gathered & harvested items they provide us with. They are also free of irradiation, ozone, sulfur, gas and chemical treatment.
We are a 100% Cruelty-Free company. No animal testing is ever done in our workshop, nor by any of the suppliers we use.
As well, there are no animal ingredients present in any of our products. This means that no substance was taken or extracted from the body of an insect or animal. Some of our products do contain honey and beeswax, ingredients that are derived and manufactured by worker honeybees, and used in the building and lining of their hives. Our supplier has assured us that both of these ingredients are collected without any intentional physical harm to the bees, and tell us that beekeepers try their hardest not to injure or hurt any bees during the process of collection and extraction.

As an eco-conscious company, we are always looking for ways to minimize our impact on the environment. Please let us know if you have any helpful hints, ideas, or suggestions on how we can reduce our footprint by emailing us at: ideas@bowerbirdandco.com.

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