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Our Philosphy: Packaging

Bowerbird & Co. is committed to protecting all avian species through the use of ecologically and environmentally safe packaging alternatives:
Since it takes approximately 700 years for a plastic bottle to begin the process of decomposing, we have decided to package all of our products in glass and aluminum containers, which can be reused and recycled repeatedly. Plastics are polluting our oceans and littering our beaches, while endangering avian and marine wildlife. Plastic debris is a serious global issue. In fact, plastic containers, plastic wrap, and other plastic packaging do not ever completely biodegrade. Read about this and more on our Did You Know? "Plastics are FOREVER" webpage.
We wrap our handmade soaps in recycled, kraft-colored tissue paper and then in a special 100% post-consumer waste paper band. No new trees were cut to provide the fiber for the band. Our supplier has included a FSC Certification that ensures the paper meets the Forest Stewardship Councils standards for responsible forest management.
As well, our suppliers papermaking process is 100% chlorine free and certified by the Chlorine Free Products Association. We are proud to use paper that has not been bleached. Bleaching paper requires mass amounts of energy and the use of damaging chlorine-toxins, which contaminate water sources and are harmful to birds and other wildlife.

As an eco-conscious company, we are always looking for ways to minimize our impact on the environment. Please let us know if you have any helpful hints, ideas, or suggestions on how we can reduce our footprint by emailing us at: ideas@bowerbirdandco.com.

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