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Did You Know: Water

In the United States, nearly 300,000 miles of streams, creeks, and rivers have not been able to meet basic water quality goals set forth by our government.
Currently, 218 million Americans live within 10 miles of either contaminated bodies of water or polluted coastal areas.
Americans are unable to fish or go swimming in 40% of the United State's lakes, rivers, and estuaries because of pollution.
Americans use an estimated 76 million pounds of pesticides annually, which pollute our waters, and cause the death of approximately seven million birds each year.
The two biggest sources of toxic pollution in America's rivers and lakes are agriculture and backyards! Plant native plants so the birds can thrive and stay away from lawns that require large amounts of water, chemicals, and pesticides to sustain.
There are toxic chemicals in our water, such as pesticides and motor oil. Even though commercial industry is partly to blame, we can all make changes to prevent unnecessary water pollution. Using less toxic household cleaners and taking used motor oil to a gas station to be recycled instead of pouring it down storm drains, can help protect our rivers and oceans. Remember: We all live downstream!
Some 46,000 plastic objects are estimated to be floating within every square mile of our oceans. The North Pacific central gyre is said to have the largest quantity of floating plastic. Plastic debris can stay afloat for years and can be found stretching over miles of open ocean. Birds and other oceanic wildlife mitsake such particles for food and ingest plastic, causing damage to themselves and their offspring. To read more about this dilemma, please explore our "Plastics are FOREVER" page.

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