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Did You Know: Trees

Trees supply shelter and nourishment to many of the earth's creatures. Most birds are totally dependent on trees for quality of life, procreation, and food.
Trees provide oxygen and remove carbon dioxide and other airborne pollutants from the air we breathe. Trees purify our air and give us shade. Planting a tree increases the lung capacity of the earth.
Plant a native tree in your own backyard and attract local birds. Planting a tree is a nice way to celebrate the birth of a child or remember a well-loved pet who has passed away.
One acre of trees disappears in the United States every 8 seconds.
If you can read your favorite newspaper or periodical online - do it! It's just one more way to be less wasteful and conserve our resources. It takes an entire forest - over 500,000 trees - to supply Americans with their Sunday newspapers each week.
Organic, shade-grown coffee are grown in a traditional manner under an existing native canopy of plants. This benefits the local environment, by allowing critical habitat to remain and continue flourishing. Supporting organic, shade-grown coffee helps to support over 150 species of birds, as well. The majority of coffees require the broad use of pesticides and fertilizers, chemicals that have been implicated in the extensive habitat destruction of migratory birds in South and Central America. Check out our Blog to find out where you can purchase bird friendly coffee near you.
Bigger is better when it comes to trees. A healthy, old tree cleans our air of more pollutants and harmful chemicals than do newly planted saplings. They also do a great job controlling soil erosion and help reduce flooding. Old growth trees provide a myriad of habitat opportunities for many species, not just birds, and are worth infinitely more to us when left standing.
About 25 percent of all global greenhouse gases emitted into the environment, come from deforestation and other changes in land use. The global pool of greenhouse gases is affected when trees are cut down for housing or industrial development, agricultural uses, or other land conversion.
Trees are extremely vital to our planet, yet humanity is cutting them down at an alarming rate. How do we know if we'll be able to survive on earth without them?
By reducing your use of paper that comes from virgin trees, using scrap paper for making shopping or "to do" lists, or by using paper made from hemp or other tree free resources, you can help make a difference.
Minimize your use of disposable paper products such as wrapping paper and use recyclable gift bags instead!
Take a cloth bag to the grocery store or provide your own reusable bags while shopping and you can help cut down on unnecessary waste. Click here to view our new Tote Bags made from hemp, an all-natural, rapid renewable resource.

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